14 March 2010

St Paddy's tribute - irish fashion must have.

Since we're approaching the most exciting day of all days, 'St. patricks day' and considering I have a pre St. Paddy's day buzz, I thought it was only fitting that I pay some attention to one of Ireland's most infamous pieces of clothing, the wool sweater. The Aran Island sweater is said by some to be woven into every irish being. This historic sweater has become a global 'must have' this FW especially now with the special attention made to heritage clothing in our industry.

Historically, this sweater has been linked to each Irish clan and their identity.  Each clan/family had/has their own knit specific to them. The knit patterns are so family specific that, the aran island sweater was used to help identify fishermen washed up on land after an unfortunate accident at sea.

Each knit sweater contains over 100 000 stitches hand-knit by rare and talented knitters. It can take over 60 days of work to complete one piece. It is not a surprise that they are a highly sought out piece of clothing.

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