25 February 2010

ann - sofie back for cheap monday

Ann - Sofie Back's in-season collection, which is a part of Cheap Mondays SS10 collection, features 28 items and accessories that can be categorized into the following themes: duct tape, stylised whiskers and cut out.

Classic Cheap Monday denim and fashion is found with such detailing as whiskers, rips and holes. Dominating colours are denim blue, black and different shades of grey.
The duct tape theme is recognized through a consistently used duct tape print. It features skirt, dress, sweatshirt, jeans, tank tops, t-shirts and tights. Colours are black, white, olive and different shades of grey. 
I will definitely have the following pieces in my closet. 


You can find this collection in the following Canadian shops!!! Get there before it's all gone!

Carte Blanche - Queen St, Toronto
Gravity Pope - Edmonton and Vancouver
El Kartel - Vancouver
J2 - Richmond
Lavish and Squalor - Queen St, Toronto
Leo Boutique - Calgary
Rebel Rebel - Victoria
Vincent Park - Vancouver

Ann-Sofie Back has been a part of the Cheap Monday design team since May 2009. The first complete collection designed by her, together with Örjan Andersson will be available in stores in the spring of 2011.

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  1. sick - soooooooooo sick it makes my stomach hurt - these swedes are so on the money - cha ching - too the bank baby